Welcome to and Enjoy Reading

This site features blogs on all aspects of wood science. I worked as a wood science professor for LSU for several years and interacted with everybody from plywood mill managers that needed technical assistance with production problems to homeowners that had decay in their wood deck. I also made several visits to help owners of small portable sawmills that needed assistance on sawing, grading, and drying of lumber. This site will mostly focus on topics that are most relevant to homeowners and woodworking enthusiasts. I continue to work as a wood science consultant and will present short blogs on my primary research focus (preservative treated wood). I have been a frequent wood science expert witness in cases involving wood flooring, wood chairs, wood utility poles, and more. I will summarize my past and present experiences in a way that will hopefully benefit homeowners and woodworking hobbyists. I also have a heart for Jesus. So my love for Him may pop up from time to time. Don’t be surprised to see blogs on wood-related subjects from Biblical times. My goal is for you and I both to be “healthy trees and bear good fruit.”

"So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit."  Matthew 7:17 (ESV)